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Tyson Bley

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  • 1301819048
    Frankie Sachs
    Frankie Sachs
    on 03/04/2011

    My wardrobe has a deplorable shortage of fishnet. I hope this does not cause you to think badly of me.

  • 1301775791
    Tyson  Bley
    Tyson Bley
    on 02/04/2011

    Thanks for the welcome, Marcus. And the invite, Frankie. Still finding my way around the site. I thought using this guise would command respect from people - Marcus's old fear and dread of his astronomy professor would be rekindled, and Frankie seeing her alter ego traipsing around would indirectly treat me with tenderness (as she would her own alter ego).

    Erm... yes

  • 1301746890
    Marcus Speh
    Marcus Speh
    on 02/04/2011

    welcome tyson. picture reminds me of one of my astronomy professors in college. there's just something about the stars that's transgressive, don't you think.

  • 1301736640
    Frankie Sachs
    Frankie Sachs
    on 02/04/2011

    A. You do not write shitty shit. You write some amazing shit.

    II. You made it!

    3. What happened to your lobster?
    iiib. Not that she doesn't look like an inviting environment for some species of arthropods. And the fishnet does give her a jaunty nautical air.

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