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Revised title - "What is your vision for WAG?"

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Nice to see you here, Frank. I'm sorry you don't see this as a viable home for an association, but I am curious to know what tools and benefits of such an association might be. 
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Thanks for your welcome, Kim. I thought that via prior posts on Fnaut I’d answered your two questions, but here’s a quick recap.


Condensed into one sentence, I proposed forming an Association whose goal was to elevate public awareness of a new literary growth industry – flash fiction.


That was both the objective, and the systemic benefit: public awareness of flash fiction. Contrary to what some members of WAG and Fictionaut may think, the general public has never heard of flash fiction. And those few who’ve heard of it don’t really know what it is.


You can’t sell a lot of something without potential buyers knowing what that something is. So in a short paragraph I’ll describe the benefits spun from an Association promoting flash fiction awareness...


Situation: consumers outside the indie lit world are unaware of an exciting new literary product – flash fiction. Objective: develop public awareness of an exciting new literary product through the proactive marketing efforts of a Flash Fiction Writers Association. Benefits: increased consumer awareness of a new literary product that’s enticingly packaged and presented leads to increased consumer interest. Increased consumer interest leads to increased market demand. Increased market demand leads to increased global sales to readers.


An expanded opportunity to connect with many readers worldwide is what I'd like to see happen in the flash fiction writing industry.


As for tools, think about whom the proposed Association ideally wants to reach: the global marketplace. The traditional promotional tools stlll work – news releases, features, interviews, ads, etc. – plus the new digital age marketing power of a search engine optimized website and messaging on interrelated social media.  


But most of all, such an Association needs a meaningful number of members united in their commitment to support the concept of niche marketing of flash fiction.


Perhaps, Kim, you have your own vision of WAG? This is the thread to share it. Any other questions should be directed to a mind more omniscient than mine: Prof. Marcus Speh, Administrator, WAG Knowledge Management Centre, c/o the Virtual School of Barefoot Economics.

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